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APEX Petroleum Engineering returns!

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado, December 19, 2018 – BACK FOR THE FUTURE!!

John Harkrider, Mitch Kniffin, Bill Anthony and Jeff Jordan, founding partners of APEX Petroleum Engineering, most recently of SIGMA³, proudly announce the Return of APEX Petroleum Engineering.

As in its past, APEX Petroleum Engineering will specialize in critical well operations. This includes optimizing upstream assets, ensuring “Best in Class” wellsite engineering, and world class reservoir characterization. The new and improved APEX Petroleum Engineering has added state-of-the-art petrophysics and geomechanics to its reservoir engineering for optimizing single well or entire field performance. Ted Randolph, APEX PE’s new President, says, “The new APEX PE will continue to emphasize its tradition: personalized engineering, both at the wellsite and in the office. By building on our track record of superior results, we will continue to deliver efficiency gains and economic results.”

While the company is formally separating from SIGMA³ Microseismic, the two sister companies will continue to work collaboratively to deliver state-of-the art solutions. To find out more about APEX Petroleum Engineering, visit