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    Sound Completion Engineering Techniques Lead to Superior Production of the Codell Sandstone In Laramie County, Wyoming

    Bryan Kosters, Kevin Shaw, Shodan D’Souza, and Justin Clark, APEX Petroleum Engineering LLC; Monte Besler,FRACN8R Consulting, LLC; Michael Barham, Helis Oil & Gas Company, LLC

    Copyright 2020, Society of Petroleum Engineers

    This paper was prepared for presentation at the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition held in The Woodlands, Texas, USA, 4-6 February 2020.

    The paper describes the methodology and results achieved through application of APEX PE’s completion optimization workflow, along with the assistance of FRACN8R Consulting, this time with Helis Oil & Gas operating in the DJ Basin.

    Bryan Kosters of APEX PE presented the paper at  HFTC. The talk was attended by over 400 people and was in the Top 50 downloads form OnePetro for 2 months following the HFTC presentation.

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